What We Do

We advocate for students at Hancock Elementary & Musselman Learning Center in Norristown by awarding lightly used bikes and helmets to students that demonstrate excellent citizenship.
Our 2020 / 2021 results,… over 200 new Zummo Bikers!.
. . .We sell and repair bikes. Every bike that we award or sell is fixed by one of our
homegrown, pay-rolled mechanics.
. . .We mentor up our young mechanics for the business world by having them work in all facets of the Zummo Bike world.
. . . We are preparing a handful of Zummo Bike recipients for admission at top colleges by partnering with Mathnasium where we currently have six students on math scholarships.
About our bikes:
All bikes we sell come with a one-year warranty. We cover everything with the exception of flats. Eighty percent of our bikes are donated. The rest are purchased wholesale.

About our mechanics & mentors

Bo, a familiar face at Zummo Hardware since 2017 is a Norristown High School junior diligently working to earn a college scholarship in the sport he loves, football. He has fixed hundreds of bikes during his tenure with us.
Elijah, a freshman at Norristown High and a member of the Phoenixville-based Mountain Bike team is a serious student of the biking world. With Bo taking time off for football, Elijah has picked up the slack.
Joan, (pronounced Jo-On) is a 4th grader in his second year at Zummo Bike. He is without question, the best and most enthusiastic tire man in the shop! Joan is also our resident translator.
John, a 10th-grade student at Phoenixville, Eagle Scout candidate, and member of the local mountain bike team was recruited by Elijah for his bike repair skills.
-Lex, a sixth grader has been salvaging bike down at the shore with his grandfather for 6 years. He also helps maintain / keep the wheels on the fleet of 15 bikes!
-Gil, a third grader from Hancock Elementary, demonstrated his mechanical aptitude and figure it out skills when he was in to pick up his Citizen Cyclist award. He was invited back and is now one of our valued apprentice mechanics.
-Sarah, a third grade student and a bike mechanic in her dads shop, comes to the Zummo shop every couple Saturdays to help Joan and Gill.
-Harper, a second grader is an excellent frame painter, detailer, letter writer and lemon aid stand manager.
We Service What We Sell!
When you get your wheels fixed or purchase one of our Zummo bikes, you’ll have the opportunity to experience working with our mentored ” homegrown” bike techs. Our young contributors do 90 percent of the repairs. Brake, tire, and gear/shift work are flight checked by an adult. All refurbished bikes and repairs come with a one-year warranty.
Typical repairs are usually in the $20 to $25 range.
All repairs come with a 1-year warranty. If a repair can be accomplished with refurbished parts, we’ll do it! If you need a rental bike while your wheels are in for service, we’ll have one for you. If you ever have a problem with a repair, bring it back, we’ll solve the issue at no additional cost.