Welcome to Zummo Bike.com!

Zummo Bike is a non-profit organization. We want to encourage kids to go to school on a very regular basis. If a student achieves perfect attendance – he/she will be rewarded with a FREE bike!
Since 2015, we have been advocating for students at Hancock Elementary and Musselman Learning Center in Norristown, PA by awarding lightly used bikes for perfect attendance and solid school work.
Zummo Bikes is a Non-profit Organization (502c3 titled ZBP LLC)
EIN 82-3790692
Covered by Erie Insurance for liability, workmanship & workman’s comp on our bike techs.

Clearances for Criminal & Child abuse on file.

Happy Bike Winners
Happy Bike Winners

What We Do

We advocate for students at Hancock Elementary & Musselman Learning Center for perfect attendance and solid school work.
We repair bikes, sell climate-friendly bikes
We partner with Mathnasium.
  • We award 20 to 30 bikes per month to perfect attendees at Hancock Elementary and the Musselman Learning Center in Norristown.
  • We donate, barter, and sell bikes to college students, immigrants, and workers.
  • We fix bikes.
  • All repairs work is “served up” by our part time, pay-rolled teenage bike techs.
  • Workmanship is guaranteed for one year. Repairs are economical & often done while you wait.
  • We fix with low carbon preowned parts when possible.
  • Loaner bikes are available!

We Service What We Sell!

When you get your wheels fixed or purchase one of our Zummo bikes, you’ll have the opportunity to experience working with our mentored ” homegrown” bike techs. Our young contributors do 90 percent of the wrenching. Brake, tire, and gear/shift work is flight checked by an adult. All refurbished bikes and repairs come with a one-year warranty.

Typical repairs are usually in the $20 to $25 range. All repairs come with a 1-year warranty. If a repair can be accomplished with refurbished parts, we’ll do it! If you need a rental bike while your wheels are in for service, we’ll have one for you. If you ever have a problem with a repair, bring it back, we’ll solve the issue at no additional cost.