The Zummo Bike FAQ

Why are we so concerned about school attendance?

Some years ago, we became acutely aware of the problem of keeping kids going to school. We came up with the idea of awarding bikes to students with perfect attendance.     
To see more about this problem, visit the website Attendance
This site is an enormous resource of information on this issue, and we highly recommend all parents visit the site.

Here is a link to their page detailing The Problem.

Where do winners pick up their bikes?

All bikes are picked up at our Conshohocken residential bike shop on Saturday mornings from 9 am till noon.  Appointments are scheduled in 15-minute intervals. Contact us by text at 610-616-5430. We’ll reply in 24 hours with a followup

Does my child need to come to the pickup?

Absolutely! Your child has earned this reward and it will be a big day for them. They will pick out their bike. We get it adjusted just for them – and even teach them how to pump up the tires!

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we’ll cover everything one year. If it’s a more difficult repair, we’ll lend your bike to use for the short term.

Need a helmet?

Helmets are available in our shop. Time permitting we will help get a perfect fit – and have a little talk about how important a helmet is.

Who supplies the bikes?

  • Friends of Zummo Hardware
  • Haddonfield Rotary
  • Pastor Paul Seedfeldt
  • Valley Forge Toastmasters
  • Friends cleaning out the house!

                        See our Repairs page for “fixing” info