Zummo Bike can supply you with a great new
or “climate-friendly” (used!) bike to get your child started.

Want to purchase a bike of your choice?

One way we pay for some of our expenses is to sell a few bikes. We “fabricate up” balance bikes in all sizes for first time cyclists.
We also sell refurbished 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24” and 26/27” adult bikes.

Halfback Bikes

For parents that want to save money and incentivize their children, we have two options..

With our “Zummo Halfback” program, parents can purchase a lightly used bike from us. When the child grows out of the bike, half of the cost of the initial bike will be given back to put toward the purchase of a bike better suited to their child’s needs.

For instance, if a parent wants to get their young person started with cycling, we”ll sell them one of our $20 balance bikes. When their child has mastered the balance bike, the parent can return the balance bike and we will put $10 towards the purchase of a bigger bike with pedals.

A year or two down the road when the child’s needs a different bike, the parent & child can bring their ( well cared for) bike back, trade-it and put half of their original purchase price toward a “cooler” or a better-fit bike.

Want to jazz up your ride a bit?

Our technicians can add some great accessories to that new bike:

  • Bells
  • Streamers
  • Flags
  • Locks