A little story on how we got started.
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A bit of  ZummoBike History

2015 School year:

  • 28 Perfect Attendees (PA’s) earned bikes at Gotwalls Elementary. 
  • J and Joe, the owners at Zummo Hardware donated space, help, and patience
  • Numerous contributors helped us with student needs, bike acquisition, repair, and delivery.

2016 school year:

  • 59 perfect attendees were awarded bikes
  • Zummobike.com published
  • Non-profit, 501c3 in place
  • ZummoBike.com video produced.

2017 school year:

  • The program moved to Hancock Elementary
  • Haddonfield Rotary donated 63 bikes, parts & knowledge to our effort
  • Seventy-five bikes were provided to PA’s, parents, and workers in need of wheels
  • 2018 school year:
  • 90 bikes distributed to PA’s, parents, workers, and new immigrants
  • A mechanically inclined 14-year-old graduate of Hancock Elementary becomes our first payrolled staff member.

2019/2020 school year:

  • Two PT mechanics were added to the staff
  • Mathnasium training kicked off for three PA’s on 6/19
  • Beginning 2020, we hope to have our 3 PA’s tutoring 6-second graders
  • On track to deliver 117 bikes for the school year.
  • First pop-up outside bike shop 3/17/2020 (just before quarantine)

2020 Post Covid 19

  • Three mechanics, Bo (15), Faisal (13), and John (8) handling repairs!
  • Moved the operation to Rebel Hill
  • 58 bikes were donated for the fellows to fix get ready for our customers.